Osborne, Greggs And The Duchess Of Northumberland


"Mr Popular Of Eton"

The controversy about “Mr Popular” Osborne and his Pasty Tax runs on.

Readers will remember that the son of the 17th baronet of Ballintaylor decided to tax Pastys that folk had the audacity to warm up, whilst at the same time handing out tax cuts to his wealthy chums.

Then he openly admitted that he couldn’t even remember having ever eaten a Pasty. Great PR! These lads obviously learned the common touch at Eton!

The Chronicles can reveal by the way that the story running yesterday about “Mr Popular” planning to mitigate the damage caused by adding VAT to pasties by also introducing a new ‘green’ tax on chilled champagne, was sadly untrue. The alleged Green Paper leak which proposed a ‘Thermal Reduction Initiative (Champagne)’ that would add a nine per cent duty to all chilled champagne sold in public places, increasing the average price of a bottle sold in a restaurant from £37.50 to £40.86 – was sadly an April Fool’s prank.

Anyway, back to “Mr Popular’s” own ill-timed Pasty prank. The Head of Greggs – a highly successful North East Company who make delicious Pastys has said the proposal is unworkable. Neil McMeikan said of the proposal: “There’s a scenario where someone at the front of the queue is subject to VAT and the person at the back [buying a product which has cooled down] wouldn’t be.”

To the fray enter none other that The Duchess of Northumberland who takes the side of the humble Pasty and has announced that her children were brought up on them.

She said: “Greggs is a North-East institution, a great brand and a successful company which genuinely cares about the welfare of those living in the region. My children were all brought up on corned beef pasties and I am proud to support the campaign.”